Recycling is the process by which various materials or products that are no longer a good for humans are reused. In this process, waste is usually converted into raw materials from which new products are made.


The aim of recycling is to transform environmentally harmful materials into less harmful or even non-harmful materials. Reduces consumption of raw materials and volumes of waste going to landfills! It is a key concept in modern waste management.

Circular economy and recycling

The circular economy involves the production of products through the reuse and recycling of existing products in order to extend their life cycle. Through the circular economy, waste is reduced to a minimum. When a product reaches the end of its life, the materials used to make it are retained and reused in any way, adding value to the product.

Improving waste management can bring major benefits for the environment, climate and human health.

Recycling in Greece
Waste Recycling 20%

Greece recycles less than 20% of its waste and is far behind the EU average.

The products

The products are made from recycled plastic bottle caps. According to statistics, most of the lids end up in our seas. Studies have shown that 11,000 tonnes of plastics are dumped in Greek seas and 570,000 tonnes of plastics are dumped in the Mediterranean. Recycling 1 kg (kilogram) of plastic reduces CO2 pollution by 1.5kg (kilogram)

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