40+ hour soy wax red “Cherubim”


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Cheruvim candle is 100% handmade and environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic lids and 100% vegetable soy wax.
Soy wax contains no petroleum by-products and is made from renewable natural resources, making it a sustainable choice. When burned, this soy wax does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and has the ability to burn up to 50% longer than a paraffin wax, making it a long-lasting option.
But that’s not all. A little known fact about soy wax is that when it melts, it can also be used as a hand moisturizer!
🕯40+ hours of burning
Main aromas: coexistence of jasmine patchouli and rose
Instructions for use:
The first time you light the candle, allow it to burn completely until it
the rim of the container (≈ 4 hours). If you turn it off before it covers the melted
wax the entire surface of the container the next time you light it,
will only burn up to where the previous melted wax reached (yes and
candles still have memory!).
Before you light it again, to make it burn better, we recommend that you cut the
wick by one millimetre, otherwise the flame of the candle will not burn properly.
Soy wax is sensitive to heat. Avoid exposing it
directly in the sun or in a source of intense heat.
All candles are handmade. However, the amount of wax
remains the same.

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 9,5 × 5 × 8,5 cm

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